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Great selection, good meal, a priceless gem!! No need to head to Cleveland any longer!

Deb J

Have bought seafood from here since they opened, but ate in for the first time yesterday. Great food and very fresh, plus friendly staff. We will be back again!

Jeffrey E

The selection is wonderful and the seafood is SUPERB!!

Teri W

Fantastic restaurant. First time eating here and it was delicious.

James D

I had the shrimp po’boy and what treat that was! My wife had the fried shrimp, my daughter had the clams, and grandson had the fish and chips. We all enjoyed it.

David B

Excellent seafood, yummy shrimp po boy.

Melody K

BayLobsters Cafe & Fish Market, a shop without which we cannot go by even for a week even though it is 50 minutes drive away. You might wonder why we say that. Let us start from the beginning of our quest for quality food.

We used to shop for food at other retailers. You can buy more food for less hole in your pocket. We found that quality of food is not bad for the price and also when compared to other grocery chains. Other retailers rip you off especially when it comes to buying fish and the fish stank.

We always went by the equation Fish = Stink based on our experience. Our daughter couldn’t touch the fish and I (mom) tried to mask the fish with marinade or condiments. Even then, I had to remove the oil from fish like salmon as it would gag me. Maybe I am not a fish lover but my husband who swears by the fish also had a lot of difficulty ingesting it.

Our quest continued; more holes in our pockets. One day we hit the jackpot. My husband read about this family-owned shop on the internet. See, he is the surfer like fish. We decided to try it out because of all the good reviews but I was skeptical. I am thinking in my mind what condiment should I use to eat the fish from this shop. I am drowning in stink already anyway, how bad can this shop going be?

The D-day: On entering, we noticed that it’s truly a fish market unlike some drug stores selling clothes. Our eye caught the plaque which said that fish should smell like ocean. I thought Yeah, right!, fish = stink. We looked at the fish. It seemed fresh and clean; but the price seemed more compared to the membership clubs but at par with the grocery chains. We selected couple of fish like trout, salmon, etc., and when we were done shopping, we were left with less quantity and it was disappointing at first as we had to shell out more than we are used to. At that time, we didn’t know any other quality.

When we came home and took the fish out of the package, it didn’t smell and it was clean. We just used salt and pepper on the salmon as we wanted to see if the fish was what they say. Before frying, did the gig of lighting the candles, opened the door with the fan pointed outside and we put all the coats in closet. Who wants to smell like fish? We pan-fried the fish. Still no smell. My skeptical mind is like, maybe it’s not all smoke and mirrors. Of course, I let my husband try it first and he was like “finally we got something that tastes like fish”. Then, it was my turn. I tried a small piece and I couldn’t believe what he said was true. It was soft and absolutely delicious. I am like, OMG! This is how salmon tastes. So what were we eating all this time. Also found that the small quantity is quite satisfying. It doesn’t matter how much goes in rather what goes in. Both myself and my daughter are fish lovers. She takes fish for lunch, two times a week. We are not only one happy customer but happy parents too. Our quest finally ended with the Best Quality, Best Service and Best Smile from Baylobsters.

The Choudhury family

Customer since beginning 2010

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We are on the northern side of Wooster at the intersection of Cleveland Road (aka Rt.3) and Milltown Road.